Bought myself a .se domain some days ago. Then I bought myself the webhotel service. Then I choose wordpress for this. Now I started ….

Before …. I have some domains but don’t administrate them myself … only doing the blogging myself … of course 😉  I have been on Internet since 1996 using html, wysiwyg, live writer before blogspot and wordpress. I do NOT like advertisments in blogs!

I like to learn new and I don’t like to be dependent …

Now …. a new ‘page’ for my Internet life. I will make up my mind about how I want this to turn out. And I want to gather together my outspread Internet me … let’s see if I succed ….

It will sure take some time …. probably rest of my life time … my Internet project …


Crazy Art by me - My Space.


THANKS for stopping by! Wishing you all the best!

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