Sky today

CSS and struggle

I have been struggling – very hard indeed – and consuming a lot of time – with CSS – in my main blog. I want the container box and the sidebar less wide. I managed to fix the margin. Maybe I have to be satisfied with so much/little ….

But I want to learn and I want to control! I want to create and make things work my way. I like the challenge with html and css – but I want to make results …

The day started in the best way. Blue sky is promising. And today I got some very important things done. I now have a new faucets in my sink and now the flushing is fully functioning. Finally at last …..

Now I can take it easy – do what I want – enjoy – shoot photos – make pictures – do my walkabouts – sleep in the mornings – stay up nights -write – make crazy paintings – float around among people from all over the world – oh I like that!

Now I will have another cup of coffee – black strong – the special kind I always bring with me from Sweden – and that little tiny jam cake I bought in the morning before the plumber arrived.

I think I will celebrate this wonderful day and go to the hairdresser – I deserve to be a little spoiled today – I think.

Faucets - Kranar

THANKS for stopping by! Wishing you all the best!

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