Day: januari 28, 2016

Proud Mary - Tina Turner & Clare Turton


The day when <> was born. Before <>. Of course I made a mistake by clicking on when I wanted it to be I have to live with this.

I will make this one of my favorite blogs and I am just now updating and renewing it. Hopefully it will be a nice place to spend some time at – enjoying photos, maybe som poetry, other words, thoughts, now and then Crazy Art and …. whatever pops up in creativity 😉

Now I think I want another glass of red wine. Cabernet Frank it is and one of my favorites. Maybe I can decide if I shall have a static front page here or not. What do you think? Perhaps it will make it easier for visitors. When I visit other blogs I want it to be easy to find things. I hate when it is time-consuming barriers! I want it to be light, clean and easy. I also hate ads.

nice and easy
while looking around
I like that

Ps. Clare Turton is one of my favorite show dancers. Tina made a perfect choice here 🙂