Imagine – Bath & Concert

Tänk! Imagine!

You let your body down into the very hot water. So hot that it feels like knives cutting your skin. Yes it almost hurts – in the same time it is so good to your body. I imagine and think. Because after that hurting it’s just awesome wonderful and relaxing.

Imagine also you listen to a concert – played only for you. Mark Knopler played just for me – when I was in the bath – enjoying life and relaxing – just feeling so good. Didn’t want to wake up.

I dreamt away. I dreamt I created a new text to Why worry – for my granddaughter to sing. She has a wonderful voice and she also plays the guitar. The text was about children. Children of our world and the text said everybody should be parent – act like parent – to all children of our world. Because children are the most precious and they all ought to have a safe and sound life and have caring grownups around. Be loved.

Then I woke up from my dream. Had to drink water. Feeling a little dizzy. My body probably lost some fluid. Walking around all naked. While Mark was still playing his guitar and singing wonderfully. Life is good.


Skating Children at Xmas Market

THANKS for stopping by! Wishing you all the best!

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