Livsfilosofi – me and my life

Today I feel being a little philosophical. Life philosophical. And I will try to do it in English which is a challenge for me.

You can look upon life in different perspectives. Upon yourself – upon life – upon humans – upon world …. I will start by reflecting on me – myself –  in my time and life.

I am definitely not religious. I don’t believe in a God. I believe in life. I believe in me – walking the line – in my life. I think I have a kind of mission. I think there is some kind of purpose and fulfilling – meaning. I think I contribute along this way.

Often I am very amazed about what comes in my way. Amazed about people coming in my way. Interesting people. People of life in our world – a special kind. I feel they are like diamonds – sparkling diamonds. Everyone is worth a fortune and I am so grateful of meeting them. They make me grow as a human – and I love it!
I am also amazed about things happening in my life. Often good things and sometimes big challenges.

There is a meaning in everything that happens to me. My mother told me so. It’s true!
I feel strength to handle anything and mostly I am curious. I feel excitement and curiosity all the time.
And! I am not afraid – not even of death! Not at all!
I know I have my time in this life and so far it has been very interesting.
It happens I think: now it’s enough – now it’s time to leave.
Yes it happens!
I will be ready when it happens.
No problem at alla.

It is a meaning in everything that happens to you – you just have to learn to see this meaning.
My mother was wise and I feel very strong.

Hugging my mother at three years ❤

BR - My family - Younger and elder sister

THANKS for stopping by! Wishing you all the best!

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