Billie 2

Så var det dags igen!So it´s time again! 

Look! My tongue is really a Giant´s tongue!



Look a comb went through my eyebrows!



PLEASE! Not now again! I won´t be in the picture this time that´s for sure! I will look anywhere else.After this long and nice walk I just wanna do nothing!  But maybe …..  just maybe ….


I said I wont look and I wont have any photo taken! Got it!   But maybe ….. YES!



It won´t be any pictures for a long time …

very long time ….

Life is soft. Life is green and I am very black. Life is a wonder some days! A day like today. 



So I let her take a picture or maybe two.

Is this OK?

THANKS for stopping by! Wishing you all the best!

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